defencelogoThe Joint IED Defeat Organization, known as JIEDDO, is organized along a deputy director structure with supporting divisions aligned under a chief of staff. The focus is along three primary lines of operation: attacking the network, defeating the device, and training the force.

USI support to JIEDDO includes Attack the Network ISR surveillance initiatives and Train the Force full spectrum C-IED training and simulation initiatives. USI conducts analysis of alternatives and develops recommended courses of action; develops and executes program plans approved by the Government, manages program standards and schedules; manages objectives and requirements; adapts and applies applicable technical, administrative, financial and business processes and procedures; develops budgets; monitors and manages outside resources; participates in working groups; coordinates and reviews work of assigned military and civilian government employees. Reviews/oversees preparation of all program related documentation; conducts technical and administrative reviews, and other technical meetings. Assists in the preparation of briefing material for organizational, DoD or Congressional leadership.