Industry Products and Services Division


USI provides full-spectrum, senior consultant professional services specializing in matching products, technologies, services and capabilities with potential military customers’ needs and requirements. USI Industry Products and Services has expertise in strategy development, program management, technology development, commercialization and manufacturing to transition technologies.

USI Industry Products and Services Division provides a suite of product development and business support services to strengthen a client’s business model and products to increase their share of the US defense and security market. This suite of services has been designed as modules that can be combined, grown or reduced as the demand for USI support changes.

Strategic Guidance and Business Plan Development
USI provides strategic business guidance and identify opportunities to develop business plans to deliver products and services across the US defense and security sectors.

Program and Project Management Services
USI provides full or part-time DAWIA certified program and project managers to support US Government and industry contracts.

Technology Assessment and Product Transition
USI provides technology assessment and R&D services to optimize innovations, commercialize and manufacture products for transition to US Government and military programs of record. Our unique four phase technology transition model invests time early in the process to assess technologies and identify synergies between innovations and military needs before guiding clients through test and evaluation, commercialization and manufacturing to deliver products in support of a program of record.
Our extensive knowledge and network of contracts in DARPA, Army Research Laboratory, RDECOM, US Army REF, Marine Corps, JIEDDO, OSD and more widely with the US and international defense industry underpins our ability to find and assesses emerging technologies and support their rapid development to meet requirements across the full spectrum of military capability.