Aviation Services



USI provides aviation services and products in support of manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Our core consultancy services assist commercial and government clients to plan and conduct the Analysis & Testing associated with the development of prototypes, engineering development models, and the IV&V process to render aircraft and aircraft systems operational. In the commercial unmanned aircraft systems arena, USI assist clients to define their operational and provides integrated platforms, sensors and data analysis capabilities to deliver and sustain cost effective UAS products and services.

  • Test & Evaluation
  • Operational Analysis
  • Tactical Intelligence Analysis
  • Airworthiness Qualification
  • Nuclear/Biological surety
  • ORSA
  • IV&V Processes
  • Equipment Characterization & Safety Certification


USI has conducted technical and operational assessment on a wide range of UAS platforms and has established product supply arrangements with UAS vendors. We are currently operating a small fleet of VTOL UAS to develop product solutions and services for public departments and commercial clients. These platforms provide an entry level capability with broad performance parameters that enable experiments and demonstration to integrate and optimize UAS products and services to meet client specific needs and budget.