Universal Solutions International, Inc.Announces Contract Award for Countermine System Logistics Support


For Immediate Release

March 3, 2015

Newport News, VA – Universal Solutions International Inc. (USI) has been awarded a Countermine Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) contract in support of Project Manager, Close Combat Systems (PM CCS) to continue overseas support for Army countermine / Counter IED systems.

PM CCS provides the soldier with world-class close combat, force protection and assured mobility capabilities across full spectrum operations through professional, integrates Joint life-cycle management. The PM is committed to helping our Soldiers maintain freedom to move on the battlefield by developing and supporting technologically advanced Networked Munitions, Countermine, EOD equipment, IED Defeat, Demolitions, Non-Lethal Systems and Munitions, and special projects.

USI currently provides the soldier technical and support services for the family of PM CCS Systems.  USI provides personnel with the necessary mechanical and electrical knowledge and skills, who are capable of installing, operating, maintaining, and training the entire family of PM CCS Systems. USI personnel also provide initial and refresher training support to units in theaters.