Headwall Releases New High Resolution Hyperspectral Sensor for UAS


Headwall has announced the availability of a new hyperspectral imager targeting very high resolution spectral measurements of 0.1 nm over specific spectral ranges. The imager is particularly suited to agricultural applications as it can measure vegetative fluorescence to measure plant health. The lightweight design means it can be mounted on a UAS.

The ability of the new High Resolution Hyperspec® instrument to analyze chlorophyll fluorescence emissions at extremely high resolution and high throughput gives remote sensing researchers and precision agriculturalists exceptionally valuable data from which to make environmental decisions. The new instrument is smaller, lighter, and more affordable than any other commercially available products and is optimized with robust packaging for airborne and satellite deployment.


Faster method to detect farm problems takes flight


A group of Arizona growers were like ‘kids in a toy store’ last fall during a precision agriculture remote helicopter field demonstration at a cotton field.

The growers watched as Jared Siegler placed video-display goggles over his eyes, picked up a remote controller-transmitter, and guided a quadcopter outfitted with two cameras across a cotton field searching for crop problems.

The demonstration showcased Siegler’s product – the 24-inch-wide GeoBlu Explorer – an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which can capture quick aerial snapshots of what’s right and wrong in farm fields – the small and large fields alike.

“The GeoBlu Explorer allows you to aerially survey a field or block quickly for signs of problems,” Siegler says, “including pest and disease issues, weeds, crop stress levels, water and fertility variation, and more.”  More…