U.S. military look into remote controlled ‘helicopter truck transformers’ that can be sent on rescue missions WITHOUT a driver

It utilizes the vertical take off and landing of a helicopter and couples it with the off road driving capabilities of a truck.

And, what’s even better, is that this robotic warrior is remote controlled.

Introducing Black Night Transformer, a specially made truck that comes complete with eight rotors – four on each side – that will spring out for take off and then fold in while driving.

The machine was built as part of a U.S. military desire for a ‘multi-mission medical and casualty evacuation unmanned air vehicle/unmanned ground vehicle’, according to Pop Science.


The U.S. military have commissioned the creation of a vehicle that can drive and fly remotely so it can be sent on missions unmanned


The Black Knight Transformer features eight rotors that expand when necessary and fold away while on the ground


Road test: Creators Advanced Tactics say they have tested the driving capabilities of the ‘Transformer’ and will test its flight by the end of February.

Essentially it meets the need of an autombile that can adapt to a variety of situations.

An American government study on medical evacuation concluded that the use of robots in military missions will allow for casualty evacuations in areas and times that manned platforms should not operate in, such as ‘zero-zero’ weather and contaminated environments.

Once the Black Knight reaches its target, its also possible for the controls to be switched and for it to be driven by a human.

Overall, it reduces the risks involved with many missions.

The Black Knight is also designed for cargo delivery.


As per its design, the Black Night Transformer is able to shrink down its helicopter engines so that it is more drivable

Full details here: http://dailym.ai/1eGxk6U

Uruguay: New Police UAVs Enter Service


In the framework of a local safe city program, which includes the installation of hundreds of security cameras especially in the downtown area of Montevideo, the Ministry of the Interior in Uruguay has confirmed it will start using UAVs for surveillance and monitoring of the city.

According to InfoDefensa while details were not disclosed, it is known that the chosen model is called Hummingbird and is a local product development between the Ministry of Interior and Uruguayan technicians.

In addition, the monitoring system, which is expected by March 2014 with a 480 count security cameras, have a software license plate recognition to quickly identify motor vehicles which are suspected of illegal or which may be robbed. The system also has the ability to analyze certain situations and alert the operator, allowing a high degree of automation in the surveillance.

Via http://bit.ly/19QklA8